Setback by Celeritas

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Story Notes:

For B2MEM 2011, Day 10: Start a story or poem with Charles Dickens' famous opening line from A Tale of Two Cities: "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." (If you're creating a piece of artwork for this challenge, use this line as your theme or title.)  For certain definitions of the word "start."

It was the best of times.  He’d seen her wearing his gift.  She couldn’t have known who’d sent it, but she smiled when he greeted her.


Well, she would know tonight.  Standing next to her by the Honeybourne, he confessed his love to her and the gifts he’d sent her by post.


Five minutes later, Bungo peered through a veil of icy-cold water to see her retreat.  He felt so wretched he didn’t even get up out of the mud.


Why, why, had he ever thought that Belladonna Took would be easy to court?  It was the worst of times.

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