Preliminary Analysis of the Warwickshire Hoard Yields Insights, Raises Questions about Fourth Age Suza Culture by Celeritas

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A summary article detailing the various findings, and raising questions, concerning the Warwickshire Hoard found in 2008.

Story Notes:

This article was originally published in Centar Ardo, 56, 120-129, and is reprinted with permission of the publisher in honor of B2MEM 2011, Day 15: The cuisine of the Shire is unsurpassed. Write a story or poem, or create a work of art, featuring food.

Table of Contents

1. Chapter 1 by Celeritas [Reviews - 2] (2140 words)

Centar Ardo's standards dictate that for sources not arising directly from the literary tradition, Westron be used when referring to names and proper nouns in translation.  For the reader’s edification, Tolkien translated “Suza” as “the Shire” and “kuduk” as “hobbit.”

2. Appendix by Celeritas [Reviews - 1] (130 words)

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