The Byrding by Celeritas

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Story Notes:

For B2MEM 2011, Day 17: Hobbits are well known for their gift-giving traditions. Write a story or poem in which the exchange of gifts is featured, or use "gifting" as a theme for a piece of art.

When Auduin Took was turning nine, he didn’t want to give Mum and Dad flowers anymore.  Those were faunts’ gifts, and he was turning into a big lad.


It was Aegnor who saved him, teaching him how to whittle, and watching him to make sure Auduin didn’t cut himself.  Aegnor had said not to whittle without at least a tween there, but Auduin still worked on a third present, in secret, in gratitude for Aegnor’s help.


He’d been so delighted with the fish Auduin made, and promised him he’d keep it always.  Now, on his fiftieth birthday, with the Shire crumbling around him, the fish sits in Auduin’s room, and he hefts it in his hand.  “I miss you, big brother.”

Chapter End Notes:

Auduin Took is the OMC grandson of Pippin and son of Faramir.  He is Thain when Kira first comes into contact with the family and passes the infamous ban on books leaving their libraries.

If this ficlet leaves unanswered questions, it should.

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