Bereft by Celeritas

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Story Notes:

For B2MEM 2011, Day 26: How would a character not allowed to express his or her thoughts, creativity, or opinion act out? Capture this in a story, poem or piece of art.

This wasn’t meant for the widowed.  The fond reminiscences, gently prizing the bereaved away from the dead and back to the living—it was for the children, the grandchildren.  Not the widowed.


Not Pippin.


Merry had understood, at least, had been more helpful than words, making the speech, artfully guiding the conversation, letting Pippin only worry about the hardest thing he’d had to do—inking the entry in the Yellowskin.  He’d make sure no one went after Pippin as he slipped out to be alone.


Alone, with her.


It wasn’t right for hobbits to grieve overmuch, beyond their time, which was why they were all being solicitous.  He hoped they wouldn’t understand him for many, many long years.


Alone, he lay stretched beside her, as he had for so many years of his life.  There were already flowers growing.  He reached out a hand, over, and sunk his fingers into down, into his Diamond’s grave, and brought out a fistful of earth.


Then he rose, and placed it in his pocket.  He may tarry awhile apart from her, but no matter where he went, she’d be this near to him.


And when at last he slept, their dust would mingle.

Chapter End Notes:

In my Shire, the interment of a deceased hobbit's body is only attended by the immediate family, usually those who were called to attend and visit that hobbit in his or her final hours.  This was followed, as soon as the rest of the family and friends could be summoned, by the entering of the death into the genealogies.  The idea was that the more distant family and friends could help the most immediately bereft back into the regular order of things.

In canon, the Yellowskin is the oldest book of Shire family records and deals with the Tooks.

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