All the King's Horses and All the King's Men by Celeritas

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Story Notes:

For B2MEM 2011, Day 28: There was no avoiding it; the letter had to be composed... 

Who will receive this letter? An uncle? A lover? The High-King? Why is there "no avoiding it"? Circumstances? Or is Mother watching with arms crossed? Will the letter be written in haste? Or will each phrase be meticulously crafted? 

Write a story or poem inspired by this line (you do not need to use the exact quote), or create a piece of art that reflects this situation.

July 1, 1532


My Dear King Elfstone:


It is with great regret that I must inform you that I have failed in my bid for reelection as Mayor of the Shire.  My opponent, as I told you earlier, stood for office planning to, should he be elected, have nothing to do with you, and to impose high customs on letters either entering or leaving the Shire.  I fear he may, if enough of the Families support him, keep the Post from delivering beyond the Bounds altogether.


Needless to say, I find this not only terribly, horribly wrong, but also incredibly rude to Your Grace.


Faramir is ready to protest these decisions, but he has little authority in civic matters, especially that of the post.  I fear things may go ill for him, if he pushes it too hard.  Things are very tense here.


Know that I, at least, hold you in no wise responsible for this unfortunate turn of events.  You have done all you could, and more, and no one could have predicted this kind of reaction.


Still, I hope for our sakes that your men find them, and find them safe.  I fear, if this kind of fear becomes the norm, the Shire my children will grow up in will be very different from the one I knew.


Your humble servant,

Holfast Gardner

Former Mayor of the Shire


P.S.  I am sure you will have already seen these things for yourself, but someone ought to write to you anyway.  Please do not think all hobbits are discourteous on the actions of one.

Chapter End Notes:

More hints at the underlying conflicts in my later Fourth Age stuff.  Again, I wish I could disclose more.

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