Ready to Retire by Celeritas

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Story Notes:

For B2MEM 2011, Day 27: Write a story or poem, or create a piece of art where your character rises above themselves to follow their dreams.

He’d killed his elder brother when he was nine.  That was rare—his people only began to understand how power worked after they’d been drafted.  The incident caught the commander’s eye, and he liked Golfimbul’s spirit enough that he drafted him early.


The more fool he.


Golfimbul had always been called ambitious, but in his eye, there was something more to it, a longing for the ability to order one’s life as one chose, in a rich land that gave up everything you needed—food, drink, sport—at your own feet.  He dreamed of it at night, and when he heard there was such a land—well!


But it took work to get there.  Fortunately for him, Golfimbul was clever.  He’d heard how the land was guarded, so he split his force—just enough friends to keep them loyal, just enough enemies that he didn’t feel too bad—and distracted the guards miles away while he slipped in.  Now, the land was greener and softer and full of grain and meat…


Golfimbul had gone where no orc had managed to since the Wars.


The hard work was over.  Now there was just the matter of driving out those little rats…



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