"Samwise at Cirith Ungol" by Dreamflower

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Author's Chapter Notes:

 Today's Challenge:
"Darkness is only driven out with light, not more darkness."
--Martin Luther King, Jr.

Write a story or poem or create artwork where your character battles and overcomes their darkest hour

 Sam never knew a darker hour than when he thought his Master lost from him forever in the pass of Cirith Ungol, nor a finer one than when he renounced despair on the steps in the Tower there.

Two quotations about Sam from LotR 



"And then black despair came down on him, and Sam bowed to the ground, and drew his grey hood over his head, and night came into his heart, and he knew no more." (TT, Book IV, Chapter X, "The Choices of Master Samwise")

"I will not say  the day is done
Nor bid the stars farewell."
(RotK, Book VI, Chapter I, "The Tower of Cirith Ungol)

Chapter End Notes:

Done on acid-free cardstock, with white Dr. Bombay ink.

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