B2ME Day 21 - The Shipbuilder by Erulisse

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Story Notes:

Disclaimer:  Tolkien built the sandbox, I only play with the bucket and shovel that he left for me.  No money, profit or non, is made from the publication of this story.  


The Shipbuilder


He had awakened in the East, along the shores of a lake that so few now remembered it was passing into the grey mists of mythology.  He had walked towards the West, following his brothers towards a promise of light.  He had searched for his older brother without success for many years and had watched his younger brother walk with most of the others onto an island, leaving him on the shore.  He had planned to be with them, but was not. 

A few days earlier, while the surf rolled softly, a restless feeling had come upon him and he had left the others to walk along the shore in thought.  Although dangers still lurked in the world, he always felt protected when he was by the sea.  But this night was like no other in his existence to that point, for on this night he was brought into the presence of the Lord of Waters. 

“Become my shipwright, Nowë.  Stay here on the shore of Ennor and build vessels for those who need passage to the Undying Lands,” said Ulmo.  “I promise you that I will never be far from your side and that you will be rewarded for your service.” 

“I need no reward, my Lord.  My reward will be to do your will here on these shores.  I will do this for love of you, and for no other reason,” Nowë said, bowing low before the Vala.  Ulmo raised him up, and kissing him on the brow, returned to the sea from whence he had come.  Nowë built a small settlement and began to learn the methods of shipbuilding out of love for his Lord, for he knew there would be no other to so stir his heart in later years and wished to prove his Lord’s faith in him was not misplaced. 

So Nowë disappeared, and Círdan took over, building vessels for the Firstborn through the ages.  They were beautiful; vessels of white in the form of swans that rode the waves as lightly as the foam on the wave tips.  They bore their precious cargo to the West when the sorrows of Ennor had become too difficult for their passengers to continue bearing. 

After many years his Lord appeared to him again. 

“Build one last ship, my son.  The Ages of the Firstborn are coming to an end and the great Elven Lords will leave these shores in this, your final vessel.” 

Círdan bowed to his Lord and nodded, already thinking of dimensions, supplies, and timeframes. 

“And my son, you also will be on this last ship.  Come to me.  Join me in the uttermost West and be honored for your long labor over these many yeni as you so well deserve.  You have been my faithful servant and it is time for your well deserved rest,” Ulmo said gently, his words caressing his favored one. 

So Círdan built one last vessel to carry the celebrated, the brightest, and the most honored to the West.  He was the last to board.  When he ordered the sails to be trimmed and the rudder moved to allow the ship access to the moving tidal waters, he turned his back to the East.  Finally he was continuing his journey to the West and his heart sang with joy as the rising sun kissed the wavelets ahead of him. 


A/N - The literal meaning of Círdan is "ship builder"


Chapter End Notes:

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