B2ME Day 23 - A Day at the Beach by Erulisse

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Story Notes:


Disclaimer:  Tolkien built the sandbox, I only play with the bucket and shovel that he left for me.  No money, profit or non, is made from the publication of this story.  



A Day at the Beach

Everyone avoided the tower. It was believed to have been easy to build, but they decided to work on the terraces, battlements and walls first. They would return to the tower at the end, sculpting it so that it stood, gloriously supreme, against the setting sun.

One of the older elleths was enlisted to move the sun shade periodically so that the sand would not dry out too quickly. Glorfindel and Idril went back and forth to gather water and to dig for the perfect sand. They built the tower and battlements, but left the detailed sculpting for later in the day when they would want to relax and do more challenging decorative work.

They took time to enjoy the waves. They ran into the surf, and allowed it to toss them back onto the shore. They looked into the tidal pools for small sea life left behind when the tide receded, and they raced out of the way of wayward waves and caught the occasional crab and clam. They also took short breaks for meals and to relax for a bit out of the sun. But the tower of sand kept calling to them.

Later in the afternoon they put their heads together and decided that there was a very specific process that needed to be followed to make an effective sand castle. They built it up and cut it down, carved crenellations on the top of the walls, and cut caves below in the “cliff” faces. Finally Idril declared her masterpiece complete, and the tower was indeed the crowning glory, rising above the walls to soar towards the skies above.


Idril's Sand Castle

Idril's Sandcastle Small


Chapter End Notes:

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