Feature The Shipwright Shrugs by Kitt Otter

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Short whatnots and nonsense about Círdan, spanning from Cuiviénen to Forever.

1 – Rhyme of the Finwion: Thingol muddles the Noldor lords’ disturbingly similar names. Diplomatic ruin? Not with Círdan to the rescue!

2 – Nowë’s Ark: It’s the War of Wrath. And Yavanna has a wee little job for Círdan…

3 – Lavender’s Blue: Círdan chats with the blue-eyed, perfumed ex-lieutenant of Morgoth.

4 - Hunting by Number: Finrod and Círdan learn where they fall on Morgoth’s hit-list.

5 - Waiting: Nowë makes four promises to his brother. 500 words fixed length.

6 - Vertigo: Finrod and Círdan visit Barad Nimras, where it is learned that neither is without his phobias.

7 - The Way the Tide Flows: Círdan tells two visitors a tale about the Second Age and the choice that determined everything after.

Table of Contents

1. Rhyme of the Finwion by Kitt Otter [Reviews - 0] (335 words)

2. Nows Ark by Kitt Otter [Reviews - 0] (1064 words)

3. Lavender's Blue by Kitt Otter [Reviews - 0] (2024 words)

Behold Berende's awesome lamblike Annatar on DeviantART. Please do click! You'll know why all Numenor and Eregion worshipped the fella. I too wish to bring him home... (Thank you Berende for allowing me to share! ^^)


4. Hunting By Number by Kitt Otter [Reviews - 0] (1267 words)

5. Waiting by Kitt Otter [Reviews - 0] (514 words)

6. Vertigo by Kitt Otter [Reviews - 0] (1794 words)

7. The Way the Tide Flows by Kitt Otter [Reviews - 0] (1143 words)

Story Information

Categories: The Silmarillion
Characters: Elf: Crdan, Elf: Elu Thingol, Elf: Finrod Felagund, Elf: Gil-galad, Half-Elven: Elrond, Other: Sauron/Annatar/the Dark Lord, Vala: Yavanna
Genres: Drama, Humor
Places: Beleriand, Mordor: the Black Gate/Morannon, The Grey Havens/Mithlond
Times: 1-First Age, 1-First Age: early, 1-First Age: middle, 1-First Age: late, 1-First Age: the War of Wrath, 2-Second Age, 2-Second Age: early, 2-Second Age: middle
Warnings: None
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Series: None
Chapters: 7    |    Word count: 8141    |    Read Count: 4694
Completed: No    |    Updated: 10/13/13    |    Published: 07/01/11