Petal by Armariel

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Author's Chapter Notes:

Drabble and a half.....



XII. Discovery

But flowers are so pretty, his mother said. Why would you take them apart?

To see how they work, he replied.

Now he sat by the brook, having found that he could make things appear larger by putting them in the water. He could see that the leaf he held was composed of tiny parts that all fit together. If only he could see inside each of them to discover what made them work.

And even as he held it to the sunlight to look through it, suddenly it grew much larger, and he could see each tiny part as though it were as big as the leaf. And all the tinier parts that made it up.

What can be doing that? he wondered, with sudden joy.

And Petal smiled as she held her thumb and forefinger in a circle over his leaf.

You will find out soon, she thought.

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