Petal by Armariel

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Author's Chapter Notes:

Drabble and a half.........

XVII. Mushrooms

“Bilbo, look!” cried Frodo as they entered the gate of his new home. And there, on his lawn, outside the window of the room that would be Frodo's, was a circle of mushrooms.

“A Fairy ring,” Bilbo said. “'Twasn't there before.”

“Are they good eating?”

“Nay, you don't want to eat those. Why, I'm surprised at you for asking, lad.”

Frodo told himself he would not look out his window that night. He was done with such nonsense.

He lay with the covers pulled over his head, yet could not sleep.

And then he heard a soft shimmering music. Giving up on his resolve, he finally stole over to the window, taking his lighted candle.

He saw no bright beings dancing in the Fairy ring. But he did see something in the middle.

The yellow rose, softly glowing.

Those mushrooms were most definitely not for eating.

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