Petal by Armariel

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Author's Chapter Notes:

Double drabble!

XX. Something Queer

“Sam, what's the matter with you, lad? You used to love going to the Bagginses with me to help with the gardenin'. Now you're actin' like there's a snake over there goin' to bite ye.”

“There's...somethin' queer goin' on there, Dad. Somethin' mighty queer, and somebody ought to tell 'em about it. I've looked out my window and seen...somethin' mighty queer.”

“Yer tryin' me patience, lad. What is it you been seein'?”

“Well's in their garden. I been seein' pretty lights there in the night. 'Specially in that mushroom circle. And I've heard music. You have to get real close to hear it. But I heard it. Then there's that yellow rosebush. There's only ever one flower on it, and it stays pretty for two weeks, then when it's gone, another takes its place. It's queer, I tell you. And it's only been happenin' since Mister Frodo went to live there. Then there's that light he's got. You can see it 'specially when he's a sleepin'. Before he started livin' there, he didn't have it.”

Gaffer Gamgee emitted an impatient snort.

“You'll be tellin' me that Fairies dance on their lawn next,” he said.

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