Petal by Armariel

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Author's Chapter Notes:

Drabble and a half....

XXVI. Mortality

She had to wonder what her husband was feeling when he made love to her.

She greatly enjoyed the closeness. But she knew she was not feeling what he was feeling. What was it? This pleasure that he said was the greatest one could know?

Was he frustrated that she did not feel it with him, that it was enough for her to be able to give it to him, like a meal she cooked just for him, unable to taste any of it herself?

Sometimes I would like to be Mortal for just one day, she thought. Even if it meant becoming acquainted with Pain also. Like those mothers whom she had helped to bear their children. When she asked him, he said it was worth it all, that she did not have to go through that. He could scarcely have borne it.

And yet she continued to wonder....

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