Petal by Armariel

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Author's Chapter Notes:

Double drabble.....

Double drabble.....

XXVII. Gossip

In the first few weeks of her marriage, she had felt it was enough just to be with him. Then she began missing Vervain and her other friends. And she wondered what it was to have friends among the hobbit-women.

She walked through the village invisible, just observing. She watched the hobbitesses in the market-place, walking their babies in prams, or chatting over tea or needlework. They talked of their families, or the best way to cook potatoes, or what to do for the croup. Sometimes they exchanged items of gossip, not always malicious, but occasionally so. Petal did not understand the nature of scandal, but the wicked gleams in their eyes told her much. They spoke of who had gotten betrothed or jilted, or who had a little black sheep and what were they doing wrong?

And they spoke of her. She contemplated suddenly appearing before them, just to see the look on their faces.

She's lovely to look at and seems very charming, but what IS she??

I feel so sorry for his poor mother.

Well, I don't. She's a nosy old thing, and she got exactly what she deserved.

I am missing something, Petal thought. But what?

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