Petal by Armariel

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<p>XXIX. A Boon<em><br /></em>
</p><p><em>Lord Ulmo, can you grant me a boon?</em> 
</p><p><em>And what would that be, child?</em> 
</p><p><em>Can you turn back the time?  For but a few minutes?</em> 
</p><p><em>Why do you wish this, daughter of Irmo?</em> 
</p><p><em>There is one I would farewell.  And see one last time.</em> 
</p><p><em>One hour is all I can give you.</em> 
</p><p>She looked to the retreating figures of his friends.  They would have to go through the pain of parting once more.... 
</p><p><em>Never mind, Lord Ulmo.  Just see him safely home.</em> 
</p><p><em>I will, dear one.  And I will see to it that he has joy.</em> 
</p><p><em>Thank you, my Lord.</em> <br />

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