Petal by Armariel

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XXX. Pondering

Sam...did you notice that the mushrooms and the yellow rosebush disappeared...the day after Gandalf told us about the Ring?

Of course I noticed, Mister Frodo. What do you suppose is with that?

It means she's gone. I don't know where. And I don't have good dreams anymore.

Don't you, sir?

No. I wonder why she'd just leave. Just like that.

Maybe it's a sign of some kind. Maybe...she thinks you should go on this...journey.

I wonder why she took such an interest in me in the first place. Bilbo said it was because I was marked out for something, special. Do you suppose this is it?

Could be, Mister Frodo. Yes. This could very well be it.

Well, there's no more doubt in my mind, then. I'm going. Even if she's not around to see to me any more.

You still got me, Mister Frodo.

Yes, Sam. That I do.



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