Petal by Armariel

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<p>XXXI. Beauty Secrets 
</p><p><em>Lina dear, WHAT have you been using on your hair?  I've never seen it look so shiny, and never realized it was such a pretty shade of brown.  No grey at all.  Tell me love, what's your secret?</em> 
</p><p><em>Oh, I simply started brushing it a hundred strokes per night, like my mother taught me.</em> 
</p><p>And she went her way, chuckling to herself.  That old biddy had never been so nicey-nice to her before.   
</p><p><em>Blessed if I'm going to tell her my beauty secrets,</em> she thought as she stopped at the fruit-stand to buy some fresh strawberries.  <em>Just let her wonder.</em>

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