Petal by Armariel

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Author's Chapter Notes:

Double drabble.....

 XXXII. Insomnia

The others are asleep now.  But I cannot sleep.  I do not think it is because we are so high up in this tree.  I slept in a tree once before, when I was a lad.

I wonder where she is now, what she is doing.

Perhaps she left because I did not appreciate her.  I took what she gave me, and did not thank her.  For her protection, for the lovely dreams, the inspiration.

I wonder if I shall ever see her again.  I hope so, so I might thank her.

I think perhaps I could love her, but of course that is absurd.  She is my ancestress.  It would scarcely even be natural.

I wonder if I shall even come back alive.  Perhaps she is somewhere about even now, keeping watch as she used to?  No, I think not, I would sense her presence.  I would have better dreams.

I cannot but wonder if she gave me that dream of the Sea.  I dreamt it again.  What can it mean?

Is that where I will find my doom?

Or perhaps my greatest joy?

I should be glad of some peaceful sleep now.  That is all I would ask....


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