Petal by Armariel

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Her mother-in-law had suffered no further outrages upon her locks, so they decided it was safe to take the pony-shoes from the door and windows.

But then one day they came upon an astonishing sight:  a lady looking exactly like Petal, strutting through the marketplace singing a rude song, hiking her skirts nearly to her knees,  flirting with the males, snatching things from small children.

He's at it again, Petal said with lifted eyebrows.

She snatched an apple from a cart and and started to hurl it, when her mother-in-law  took it from her, saying, Allow me.  And she flung it, breaking his concentration so he became Bloodroot once more.  He turned and saw them, then disappeared like a soap-bubble.

She pulled out a coin and gave it to the apple-vendor, smiling most sweetly.

We hobbits have the best aim, she said to Petal, who smiled back in wicked delight.


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