Petal by Armariel

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Author's Chapter Notes:

Triple drabble!


XXXIV. Grandmum Took's Pride

She most certainly had the best-looking grandchildren in town.

Columbine was the prettiest, with her reddish-brown mop of curls, the big hazel eyes like her father's, her heart-shaped face and dimpled cheeks. She had a merry heart, and liked to find out things, just like her daddy. And she wouldn't take any guff from anyone. Anybody who tried to trifle with her or her siblings would likely get their noses pulled.

Many years later, Petal would look at Belladonna Took and see much of Columbine in her. Even though it was Valerian who was her ancestor.

Valerian was violently red-haired, clever, quick-tempered, and reckless. Not much he wouldn't do on a dare. When he got big, he was the world's greatest flirt. Every lass in the village was in love with him. He married late in life, and begot six children. Only one was a boy, who would become the great-great-grandfather of Isengrim Took II.

Sandy-haired Yarrow admired Valerian without reservation. He was an incorrigible chatterbox, who was constantly in trouble because he couldn't keep his mouth shut. He liked to eavesdrop, yet was nearly always discovered because he just couldn't keep quiet. Which was why no one liked to take him fishing. His father did so, however, just because.

Marjoram was everyone's baby, even when she grew up. She was very pretty and knew it, and full of oddities and whims. Her mum said she was the most fairy-like of them all, and the only one with changeable eyes. They could look hazel, or green, or grey, according to what colors she wore or the light around her. However, she could not change them at will.

All four of them attracted much attention everywhere they went, whether they tried to or not...and more often than not, they did try.


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