Petal by Armariel

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XLIV. Prism

Petal slipped into the Bag End garden just as the sun was setting, and hung something from the tree atop the hill. A crystal prism, barely visible from the ground. She hung it so that it might catch the light of the Evenstar from the west, then watched from the rosebushes until Sam came out the front door and sat on the garden bench.

My farewell gift, she thought as he lit his pipe and gazed sadly toward the gate. May it prove a comfort and joy to you for the rest of your days, and connect you with your heart's treasure from afar. It is more than I will have.

And even as she watched, she saw the prism fill with glimmering silvery light, and a soft voice of singing, and the sadness in Sam's eyes began to dissipate little by little, until a golden glow like candlelight illuminated him and he looked to be listening to words she could not hear. Before long, a happy smile found its way to his features, and she knew that her work here was done.

Farewell, friend, she whispered as she diminished to a tiny bubble of light that Sam did not see.

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