Petal by Armariel

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XLVII. Home Again

“Welcome back to Tookland, Petal!” Vervain exclaimed embracing her friend. “How we have missed you! Much has happened while you were away.”

“I know it must be something of monumental importance,” Petal said smiling. “You are twinkling all over. I've never seen you look so scintillating and vivacious. Have you fallen in love?”

“Not only that, I have had twins!” Vervain said pointing out a little fairy-lad and lass bouncing on a morning-glory leaf above their heads. “Butternut and Bittersweet. Butternut, stop making faces at your sister or you will freeze that way!”

“How delightful!” cried Petal waving gaily up at the two little ones. “They look good enough to eat.... I suppose they've a father somewhere?”

“Did someone say father?” spoke an all too familiar voice nearby, and even Petal had to gape as Bloodroot appeared grinning before her.


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