Petal by Armariel

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<p> LI. Adoration  
</p><p>Persimmon bent over the small forest pool, holding back her long rose-gold hair with one hand, and gazed into the silvery waters.  
</p><p><em>Let a flower appear upon my face, she whispered to it.  </em>Any sort of flower.  And my hair....  
</p><p>Petal's was three colors, she recalled.  Her own was but one color.  Perhaps she could fix that.    
</p><p>She took a pokeberry and made streaks of the purple-red juice through her hair, then found a blueberry and made purple-blue streaks.  That looked well, she thought, although her hair now lacked the radiance of Petal's.  And her eyes.  They were but one color, a common lavender.  And no amount of berry juice would change that.  
</p><p>But she would settle for making a flower appear on her face.    
</p><p>Perhaps she would just have to ask Petal the secret.  But she could not yet bring herself to approach the Fairy Queen.    
</p><p><em>I am too far beneath her,</em> she thought with a sigh.  <em>If only I could make myself worthy of her.  Then perhaps she would make me her lady in waiting. I would be the happiest Fairy in Fairydom....<br /></em>
</p><p>But how?    
</p><p><br />

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