Petal by Armariel

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LII.The Color Purple

Persimmon puzzled for days about how to get the flower on her face.  She would try to get where she could watch Petal in secret, but without success, and she encountered much teasing from her sisters Peppermint and Periwinkle.

She thought to confide in her friend Bittersweet, but lost her nerve.  Inasmuch as Fairies have nerve.

Then one day it occurred to her:  What would Petal do?

And there it was.

She had never been among the Big Folk, and the idea frightened her.  It was a full six minutes before she could find the courage to go out in search of What Petal Would Do.

And then she heard something.  A strange sound.  And she saw one of them.

It appeared female, and it was walking along with drops falling from its eyes.

It is weeping, thought Persimmon.  And I think it is a young one.  Although I am not sure.

It had brown sploingy things coming down from its head, and its face was pudgy and rather red.  Persimmon did not think it very attractive.  Even so she asked herself once more:  What would Petal do?

She would try to still its weepingThat is what Human mothers do.  But how?  I cannot mix The Drink like Bittersweet's mother.  Besides, I think only Fairies can drink it.  So what do I do?

And then she had an idea.

She made herself big, although no bigger than the child, and approached it from the front.  It made an "Oh!" sound, looking at Persimmon with very round eyes.  And Persimmon turned herself purple, then began to dance and pull silly faces in hope of making it laugh.

Yet it did not.  Instead it made a high shrill noise and began to run.

And now another much bigger person was coming.

There you are, lovey, it said to the little one.  It's all right now, mummy found her darling, don't cry!

And Persimmon made herself invisible, seeing as how her presence was so alarming.

She had failed.  She would never be worthy.

She turned for home, making sounds like the babe had done, until she came to the pool.  She sat down beside it, then bent to peer morosely into its waters.

And started as she saw what was on her face.

A tiny purple violet, beneath her left eye.  She could even smell it.




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