Petal by Armariel

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Author's Chapter Notes:

A little song I wrote for an album I'm putting together of fairy-ish songs.  Decided this one sounded a little Tolkienesque, so decided to post it here. :)


"I Caught a Fairy"
by Columbine Took (daughter of Petal)

I caught a fairy in a jar
shimmering, glimmering like a star
She said if I would let her go
I could have, I would have my wish, and so...

I said I'd like to be a fairy
glittering, flittering light and airy
living in the flowers and trees
fluttering, twittering like birds and bees.

She said, "Are you sure that this you wish?"
"Yes indeed!" with all speed and a swish
She burst into a shower of light
glamouring, clamouring in the night;

Leaving me there with wings so fair
skipping up, tripping up in the air
In glee I danced about the lawn
singing and winging until the dawn.

Making mischief everywhere
making spots, tying knots in sleepers' hair
giving people silly dreams
of the most, uttermost nonsensical themes.

A bully who lived just down the road
was warned by me, turned by me into a toad
I made him hop down by a lake
where he was cobbled up, gobbled up by a snake!

A maiden wished to be joined in love
with a young, handsome one she was enamored of
I waved my wand with a mighty zing!
Now she's bearing his, wearing his wedding ring.

Then one night when the stars were dim
I saw a fine lad and was caught by him
I told him if he would let me go
He could have, he would have his wish and so;

He said he'd like him a fairy wife
to dish up his, wish of his all his life
And now my friends, his home is mine
We're dancing in, romancing in the bright moonshine!


 Now it has music! I Caught a Fairy

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