The Promised Land by Rhapsody

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Story Notes:

Written for the drabble challenge #22 "Hope"

The water seemed calm and gently lapped against the bow that cleaved through the waves with a fortunate speed. Isildur’s emotions were completely the opposite compared to the world around him, a maelstrom of emotions raged inside him. He tried to phantom what happened the past days, spending many hours standing on the fantail, hoping that more ships survived the destructive storm, which destroyed Númenor.

His eyes scanned the water when a sailor yelled the word “land”, but saw nothing yet. ‘There lays our hope,’ Anárion spoke and joined him, ‘this is a new start brother, for all of us.’

Chapter End Notes:

Terminology used:
Bow: the front of the ship
Fantail: the back deck of the ship
Phantom is used deliberately here, it is a synonym noun for figment of the imagination (fiction of the mind)

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