Torn asunder by Rhapsody

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Story Notes:

Written for OSA drabble Challenge #21: Double Drabble. Themes chosen: Regret (challenge nr 1) and Minor Character(challenge nr 20).

Author's Chapter Notes:

The Drabble is loosely based on information coming from The Peoples of Middle Earth (The Heirs of Elendil, the line of Dol Amroth) and From the article Lonely Wanderers and the Tales That Almost Were by Michael Martinez.

This was it. After many pleas, they still did not listen. This choice tears me apart: should I leave my own blood, or join my kin overseas? I feel the pull, but what about Galador and Gilmith? How will they react to my departure?

My love, he understands, even more so: it was his idea that I should leave. Reasoning that I did not deserve the cruelty to watch them die, knowing that it is my greatest fear after loosing my mistress. Who could heal my heart after they would wither and pass away? The grief would be too hard for me to shoulder for generations to come.

My true love is here, fast asleep, but my calling is overseas. This truth is tearing my heart apart and becomes real when he murmurs soft words, whispers I heard so often lulled in my ear. Once more, I drink in the very sight of him and turn around. On my way out, I stop to see my children sleeping, so young compared to my age. I know that if I touch them, I shall never leave. Steeling my will and back, I step into the empty night to sail to Valinor.

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