You Know You're a LotR Freak If... by abbyforth

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Story Notes:

There were more entries for this, but I only used the ones that applied to me.

Here are the points that apply to me, with comantary! This was really fun to write!
2. You have an account on this site: Well what fan wouldn't?
5. You listen to LOTR music on your iPod or MP3 player: I have so many LotR enspired songs, it's not even funny!
8. You've thought up yourself as a LOTR character: Does my OC count?
9. At night you imagine you are in the Quest for the Ring and go on many adventures with the Fellowship: Not quite, since I love the minor characters much better!
12. You talk non-stop about LOTR at school: 'nuf said!
13. You drive everyone up the wall (including your crush) when you do: My only crush is fictional!
17. You imagine yourself with pointed ears: I'm actually an elf reincarnated!
21. When you are assigned to write a paragraph about whatever you want, you write two about LOTR: I would if I was still in school!
22. You dream about LOTR: Several times, in fact.
23. You call your friends 'Mellon': Not quite, but I have considered calling any future significant other 'meleth'
28. You admit to everyone you are, indeed, a LOTR freak: Oh yes, I tell everyone!
32. You look up LOTR bloopers on Youtube and laugh even if they are stupid: "They're taking the hobbits to Isengard!!!"
41. One of the first questions you ask when you first meet someone is 'do you like Lord of the Rings?': Yes, if not the first question, I do ask eventually!
47. You relate all things to things in LOTR: Because celtic music is so related!
48. You feel crazy even reading this and shake your head as you think what a pathetic person this author must be: Not at all, you put it out there, that should count for something!
49. You try to learn how to write and read Elvish: I even installed the fonts on my PC!
50. Even though you have no luck, you claim you do: Huh?
51. When people ask you if you know any languages besides the one you are most fluent in, you reply yes, assuring yourself that Elvish is a language in the real world and that you can speak it: I wish!
52. You attempt to speak Elvish but tell yourself you'll get the hang of it when it comes out sounding like Parseltongue: Love the HP refference!
56. You have tried to write a story about your many "wonderful adventures": That needs reviewing I might add!
58. You know the movies so much that you mouth the lines while the characters are saying them: Totally!
59. You have written down the notes for the Lord of the Rings theme song thingy and attempted to play them on your instrument: Does singing it at the top of my lungs count?
61. When there's a bad guy sneaking up behind the good guy in LOTR you try to warn them by screaming at the screen and flailing your arms around pathetically: Or I say "You can do it Frodo, and where did all those arrows come from? Did they reproduce or something?"
67. After reading this you feel thoroughly obsessed and pathetic but all the same very proud that you are indeed a LOTR freak: I do feel proud, and I tell everyone I meet. I do not feel pathetic, but a bit obsessed!

Chapter End Notes:

Enjoy and review!

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