The Gate to Everywhere by Dreamflower

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Story Notes:

I would very much like to thank my wonderful, patient and remarkable beta, Celeritas; and my very talented artist, Armariel!

Thank you so much ladies, for making this possible!

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The Gate to Everywhere  


This crossover needs some explanation. The idea for it first came to me in 2007, but it took me this long, and the impetus of a Big Bang Challenge to actually buckle down and write it.

Strictly speaking, this is not a Lord of the Rings crossover: it is a crossover of a  Lord of the Rings fanfic AU/Narnia. And it is not a crossover with the part of the story of Narnia with which most people are familiar. This story takes place long before  The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe  It is, in fact, a sequel of sorts, to the story which was chronologically first even though it was written and published second to last,  The Magician's Nephew.

(Be prepared for spoilers below for The Magician's Nephew.)

So a little background is in order for those who have not read  The Magician's Nephew. That story is of the creation of Narnia by Aslan, and tells how Jadis the White Witch, was introduced into that world. The protagonists of the story are Digory Kirke and Polly Plummer. If you read  The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.  then you met Digory, for he grew up to become the Professor Kirke of that story. Digory and Polly were children in the early Edwardian era. Digory happens to be the title character, for he is the nephew of the magician whose interference in things he does not understand results in all sorts of trouble.

Suffice it to say, Aslan gives Digory and Polly the task of planting a very special Tree in the new world, one that will protect and guard Narnia from Jadis for a very long time.

Two other people end up in Narnia as well: a very ordinary London cabbie named Frank and his wife Helen, who end up becoming the very first King and Queen of that land.

The most pertinent part of that story to this one however, is the fact that Digory and Polly did not enter Narnia through a wardrobe, but through the

 Wood Between the Worlds  a place  between  places, from which it is possible to enter any other world. It occurred to me that that would include Arda…

The events of this story take place in the Narnian year 302.

The Middle-earth side of the story takes place in my "Eucatastrophe-universe". In that universe, two small but important events alter the results of the War of the Ring. The first thing that happens is that at the storming of Isengard, Quickbeam is just a bit quicker than he was in the books, and manages to catch and kill Saruman before he makes it back into Orthanc. The second event to occur is that before the Battle of the Black Gate, the bearers of the Three realize that the idea that the destruction of the One Ring will cause them to fade could very well be one of Saruman's lies. Saruman, after all, had long been a part of the White Council and had been considered their "expert" on ring-lore. Since they now realize Saruman's treachery, they are no longer certain of his conclusions on the matter.   

There are a number of good results from these two events: Saruman never goes to the Shire, so the troubles caused by Lotho and his Ruffians are not as bad, and Frodo never hears Saruman's prediction that he will not have health and long life. Also, the Three Rings, instead of fading, are freed by the destruction of the One to find their full potential. As a sort of reward for this outcome, the Ban on returning from the West is lifted. Those who wish to do so are free to return. (This still, however, remains a very small number; only those who are privileged to go West may do so, and of those already in the West very few have a desire to return to Middle-earth.) Galadriel delays her sailing until Celeborn is ready to go with her; Elrond sails, for he is eager to find Celebrian (they both return a few years later); Bilbo sails, and Frodo and Gandalf accompany him to his new home and then turn around and come back. Frodo has no need to remain in the West, as Elrond and Gandalf are able to complete his healing on the voyage over.

My stories of the "Eucatastrophe-verse" may be found here:  


Eucatastrophe Universe

Eucatastrophe: The Return

In this particular "Eucatastrophe-verse" story, Frodo, at the age of 83, has retired to Minas Anor, where he hopes to finish his definitive book on the languages of Men and Elves. Merry’s son Peridoc, Pippin’s son Faramir, and two of Sam’s sons--Merry-lad and Pippin-lad--have accompanied him, for they are to spend two years studying at the Court of the High King.]

Frodo lives in the old guesthouse, with Gandalf, who does his own studying, and occasionally advises the King. The four lads are staying there as well, though they spend most of their time at the Citadel, serving as pages, and studying with the children of the King and the Steward.

The children's ages are as follows:

Fam (Faramir) Took: 21 (13 ½ in Man-years)
Perry (Peridoc) Brandybuck: 26 (16 ½ in Man-years)
Merry-lad Gamgee: 23, almost 24 (15 in Man-years)
Pippin-lad Gamgee: 22 (14 in Man-years)

Eldarion: son of Aragorn and Arwen, 18 (28 in Hobbit-years)
Elliniel: daughter of Aragorn and Arwen, 12 (18 in Hobbit-years)
Elboron: oldest son of Faramir and Éowyn, 26(40 in Hobbit-years)
Therry (Théorigithu) 21; older daughter of Faramir and Éowyn (33 in Hobbit-years)
Elemir: Younger son of Faramir and Éowyn, 15 (24 in Hobbit-years)
Morwen: Younger daughter of Faramir and Éowyn, 13 (20 in Hobbit-years)

Digory Kirk: 12 (18 in Hobbit-years)
Polly Plummer: 12 (18 in Hobbit-years)

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