Strangers in a Strange Land by Marta

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And in the fifteenth year of his reign, the king Telcontar did declare a curfew on all men of Haradric descent, whether in whole or any sizeable part. For in that year many such men were beaten at night, and no few died, and the king was loath to allow such things … (from The Annals of Telcontar)

(Warning: mild violence, themes of racism)

Table of Contents

1. Chapter 1 by Marta [Reviews - 2] (677 words)

Author's Notes: The OC in this piece is from my story "Diplomacy." But I intend this piece as self-sufficient without knowledge of that one.

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Categories: The Lord of the Rings
Characters: As a Group: Haradrim
Genres: Vignette
Places: Gondor: Minas Tirith/Minas Anor
Times: 4-Fourth Age
Warnings: 2. mild violence, 6. adult themes
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1    |    Word count: 677    |    Read Count: 2010
Completed: Yes    |    Updated: 08/15/09    |    Published: 08/15/09