Saruman's Housewarming Party by Huinare

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Saruman dislikes housewarming (er, tower-warming) parties, portentious though they may be.  Assembled responses to Tolkien Weekly’s “Facial Expressions” drabble challenge (Sep, Oct 2011).

Huin’s first drabble series (*aww*).  I opened an account here on MPTT in anticipation of some of my B2MEM responses, and thought that in the meantime this might be an amusing inaugural piece.

Story Notes:

The respective prompts: Wink / Raised Eyebrow(s) / Pulling a Face / Deadpan / Smile / Rapture

“Smile” was the first element given in the challenge, but I began with some other idea which I abandoned upon being struck with this one, so “Smile” is stuck in near the end instead.

Craban: (Sindarin) Singular of the more widely-known crebain.


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1. Chapter 1 by Huinare [Reviews - 4] (570 words)

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