Tilion's Chase by Rhapsody

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My submission to the Lotr-genfic January 2012 art challenge: Inspiration.

I drew inspiration from the following quote: But Tilion went with uncertain pace, as yet he goes, and was still drawn towards Arien, as he shall ever be; so that often both may be seen above the Earth together, or at times it will chance that he comes so nigh that his shadow cuts off her brightness and there is a darkness amid the day.

- "Of the Sun and Moon and the Hiding of Valinor" The Silmarillion

Story Notes:

Credit: original photography by Vivek Chugh and magstefan (who at his turn used a photo from a href="http://www.sxc.hu/profile/hovard">Havard at stock.xchng. A few brushes were used from Annika von Holdt, noctuidae vortex and Bokeh Brushes by Obsidian Dawn. The rest is my own handiwork. This is a companion piece to 'The Sun-maiden's raiment' my other challenge entry.

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Characters: Elf: Nerdanel, Maia: Tilion
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Series: 48. Art Challenge 1: 2012 January, First Challenge
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