Istari, circa 1040 Third Age by Huinare

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Five Istari, shortly after their arrival in Ennor, traveling together as they adjust to limited powers and mortal forms.  A B2MEM 2012 project.   

I am flattered to have recieved a Tree and Flower award nomination for this tale, and only wish that I were keeping it updated in a timely manner.  Evidently the manic burst of energy I had for it during the first three weeks of B2MeM could not last.

On the plus side, I've come up with more interesting chapter titles, some of which are possibly injokes with myself.  A few of the titles were used when posting chapters as one-off stories in the B2MeM LJ community in March.

Story Notes:

Herein be all works pertaining to the following Back to Middle Earth Month 2012 BINGO cards: Beasty, Deep Thoughts, Landscape, Snippets of Verse, Textures, Weather.

These pieces are best read as chapters in a chronological story, but I think each section can stand on its own if need be.

12 June, updates:

– Essentially rewrote Ch 16.  Revisiting it is recommend (because it no longer sucks and it talks about Cardolan briefly, which is only fair since Arthedain and Rhudaur were both visited), but not necessary for overall comprehension.

– Tweaked Ch 18 to flow better.

– BRAND NEW CHAPTER. 19.  More to come!

Table of Contents

1. Five Come to the Bay of Lhn by Huinare [Reviews - 2] (948 words)

A ship bears five somewhat cranky Maiar, recently saddled with inconvenient human bodies, toward the Havens.  Mildly humorous situations ensue.

Thurs 1 Mar.  BINGO # I18.  Prompts: “Hawk” (Beasts), “Hill” (Landscape), “Splintery” (Texture).

2. Reflections Above the River Lhn by Huinare [Reviews - 0] (618 words)

Istari discover sleet, and Olórin has a profound thought.

Sat 3 Mar.  BINGO # N43.  Prompts: “Crane” (Beasts), “Cove” (Landscape), “Sleet” (Weather).

3. Clearing Out Cobwebs at Lake Nenuial by Huinare [Reviews - 0] (1071 words)

Peculiar weather ensues over abandoned Annúminas. The Istari need to clean all the things.  Gandalf and Saruman discuss time and memory.

Fri 2 Mar.  BINGO # 072.  Prompts: “We” (Deep Thoughts), “In what furnace was thy brain?” -Blake, ‘Tyger, Tyger!’ (Snippets of Verse), “Thundersnow” (Weather).

4. Aiwendil and the Lake by Huinare [Reviews - 1] (485 words)

Aiwendil is a wee bit down in the dumps.  Alatar attempts to help.

Sun 4 Mar.  BINGO # I22.  Prompt: “Hurricane” (Weather).

5. Sweating in Fornost by Huinare [Reviews - 0] (1082 words)

The wizards visit the king of Arthedain.  Evidently, not everyone loves a good sauna.  Discussion of names ensues.

Mon 5 Mar.  BINGO # O68.  Prompts: “Fuzzy” (Textures), “Humid” (Weather).

6. Looking Afar from Rhudaur by Huinare [Reviews - 0] (884 words)

Curumo and Pallando discuss palantíri.  Olórin likes his hat.

Tues 6 Mar.  BINGO # O67.  Prompts: “Canyon” (Landscape), “…day brought back my night.” – Milton, ‘On His Deceased Wife’ (Snippets of Verse).

7. Facing the Ettenmoors by Huinare [Reviews - 0] (481 words)

A sense of vague dread greets the Istari in the north.

Weds 7 Mar.  BINGO # B10.  Prompts: “Mountain Gap” (Landscape), “…the former door where the dead feet walked in.” – Hardy, ‘The Self-Unseeing’ (Snippets of Verse), “Smooth” (Textures), “Cloudy” (Weather).

8. A Theological Debate Beneath the Ettenmoors by Huinare [Reviews - 0] (945 words)

Who doesn't love discussing theology and Númenor around a campfire?  Curumo and Olórin do not see eye to eye. 

There is also a snippet of Emerson verse in here ('Terminus').  Because I could.

Thurs 8 Mar.  BINGO # N41.  Prompts: “God” (Deep Thoughts), “…the steady slowing down of the heart.” – Charlotte Mew, ‘Rooms’ (Snippets of Verse).

9. In the Shadow of Gundabad by Huinare [Reviews - 0] (1190 words)

The Istari encounter a strange creature in the shadow of the mountain.

Fri 9 Mar.  BINGO #B7.  Prompts: “Watcher in the Water” (Beasts), “Love” (Deep Thoughts), “Cliffs” (Landscape).

10. Homestead on the Mitheithel by Huinare [Reviews - 0] (693 words)

Olórin speaks with a rural fellow in northeastern Rhudaur.

Mon 12 Mar.  BINGO #N31.  Prompt: “…old year roaring and blowing…” – Tennyson, ‘I Stood on a Tower ’ (Snippets of Verse).

11. Thoughts upon the Mitheithel by Huinare [Reviews - 1] (528 words)

How many Istari does it take to repair a rowboat?  This and more profound issues press upon Pallando.

Sun 11 Mar.  BINGO #N33.  Prompts: “Beyond” (Deep Thoughts), “Coarse” (Textures).

12. Philosophy by the Mitheithel by Huinare [Reviews - 0] (1355 words)

Obviously, when it's too hot to move, the thing to do is discuss metaphysics.

Wed 14 Mar.  BINGO #B15.  Prompts: “Toad” (Beasts), “Immortality” (Deep Thoughts), “Glacier” (Landscape), “I am the swift uplifting rush..” - attrib. M.E. Frye (Snippets of Verse), “Rough” (Textures), “Hot” (Weather).

13. Aiwendil and the Stowaway by Huinare [Reviews - 0] (441 words)

Aiwendil ponders one of Yavanna’s smaller creatures.

Tue 13 Mar.  BINGO #I21.  Prompt: “Snail” (Beasts).

14. Incident at the Last Bridge by Huinare [Reviews - 0] (979 words)

Aiwendil is not amused by animal abusers.

Thurs 15 Mar.  BINGO #G50.  Prompts: “Horse” (Beasts), “If it could weep, it would arise and go.” – E. B. Browning, ‘Grief’ (Snippets of Verse).

15. Looking Afar from Amon Sl by Huinare [Reviews - 0] (763 words)

Pallando and Aiwendil observe a clever artefact in Amon Sûl.  So, it would seem, does Curumo.

Fri 16 Mar.  BINGO #G51.  Prompts: “Painted” (Textures), “Snow” (Weather).

16. A Wall upon the Downs by Huinare [Reviews - 0] (1000 words)

The wizards, along Cardolan's northern border, ponder walls, libation, and rhyming Maiar. 
This chapter new and improved as of 11 June 2012, huzzah.

Sat 17 Mar.  BINGO #B1.  Prompt: “Bumpy” (Textures).

17. More Things in Heaven and Earth than are Dreamt of in Bree by Huinare [Reviews - 0] (591 words)

Gandalf learns something interesting about Rhovanion in the marketplace.  Saruman remains unimpressed with Gandalf’s hat.  Alatar and Pallando bethink them of farther lands. 

A pivotal, though not dramatic, moment in this tale.

Sun 18 Mar.  BINGO #N38.  Prompt: “Papery” (Textures).

18. Aiwendil and the Posterity of Tevildo by Huinare [Reviews - 0] (537 words)

The Istari are nearly foiled by a small animal.

Tues 20 Mar.  BINGO #B4.  Prompt: “Cat” (Beasts).

19. The Trollshaws are Full of Noises by Huinare [Reviews - 1] (1165 words)

A windy night around the campfire.  Aiwendil holds forth about death, Olórin eats burnt food, and everyone else has thoughts about trolls.

B2MeM prompt (better late than never): #I27: “Windy” (Weather).

This region is not actually called the Trollshaws at this point in history...whatever, it sounds cool.

First new installment in forever.

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Genres: Character study, Gapfiller, General
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