SimbelmynŽ/Falls of Rauros by Virtuella

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Pale bloom of sorrow
Cloth that you weave
On this green meadow
Teach me to grieve
Teach me to follow
Each breath I heave
My heart is hollow
Loth to receive
Sleep from my pillow
Loth to perceive
Green of the willow
Amber of eve
My path is narrow
Teach me retrieve
Promise: tomorrow
I shall believe

Falls of Rauros

would you believe:
from height and heat
such spray and sparkle
such profusion of rainbows
the perfume of moisture
clinging to rock and leaf
such powerful lullaby
water's song of descent
the Raur-roar
the Raur-rhythm
that drowns your mind
the cool, cool breath of the depth
the translucent kiss -

retrieve your thoughts, move on:
the river awaits

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