With Different Eyes (B2MEM 2012) by Kaylee Arafinwiel

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Author's Chapter Notes:

During the chapter "The Tower of Cirith Ungol", there were three more observers at the scene...Written for the "Alternate POV" and "First Lines" challenges for B2MEM 2012, among others.

“When shall we three meet again – in thunder, lightning, or in rain?” The youngest of the siblings almost smiled at his sister's question. It could pass for a jest, even on this sombre occasion.

“When the battle's lost and won." And such a battle it would be. He was not gifted with foreknowledge as his brother was, yet the Lord of Dreams knew many more souls would be given to their care in the ensuing conflict.

"That will be ere the set of sun."  Námo smiled at the byplay between his siblings, but the smile was only slightly warmer than the snows that crowned Taniquetl. "Tomorrow, that is. I am afraid the great battle is yet to come." His elder sister in Iluvatar's Thought nodded. "I grieve that it must come to this, Námo."

"Wouldst thou try and halt it, nesanya?" Námo asked.

"I would not try to halt it, Námo. What must be, must be." Nienna gave a longing glance eastward. "But for Pity's sake, hanonya...for such was I created by our Atar. To be moved by the outpouring of grief and sorrow before us. Is it not so, hannor?"

She studied the Feanturi, the Masters of Spirits; her younger brothers. They nodded as one. "And so I wish that such burdens might be lifted from the Children. Is it wrong of me to do so?" Isil's light reflected her unshed tears, dark grey eyes shimmering like a mountain tarn. "Is it outside my purview to wish they felt no pain? For behold, I love the Eruhini, no matter what their walk of life. They will come to ye soon, my brothers, and then their choices shall matter little."

"Nay, that it is not." Irmo spoke up, soothing Nienna's discomfort. "As you say, nesanya, it is for just that purpose that Atar created thee. I am sure He is well pleased with thee for thy faithful service."

"No doubt He is pleased with thee for thine own, hanonya," Nienna returned solicitously, taking her youngest brother in her embrace and kissing him on the brow. She did the same for Námo, and he smiled, more warmly this time. "No doubt," Námo murmured. "All we can do is to fulfill Atar's commands as faithfully as we may, and monitor the goings-on in Arda without interfering, unless we must needs do so."

"Well, then." Nienna had regained some of her brisk demeanor, and gave her brothers a wan smile. "Now that we have that settled, where shall we meet next?"

"Upon the field," Irmo said quietly. "Unclad, of course. There is no reason to frighten the poor Children."

"Those that remain, at least," Námo added darkly, and even Irmo had to suppress a shiver. Nienna nodded, used to their brother's fey moods when prescience took him. "Not in the hills, then?" she asked, looking toward the Tower of the Spider's Pass in the Black Lands.

"Nay. Manwe will take care of that," Námo said decisively. "It is upon the fields we shall be needed."


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