In Defence of Vana, the Ever-Young by Himring

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Story Notes:

Originally written in response to a challenge from Dwimordene.



Tree and Flower Awards, Ainur, Third Place


At first she might seem pale and rather uninteresting: merely someone’s sister, someone-or-other’s wife. For is not everyone young? Is not everyone rushing around doing new things, creating things never seen or heard of before? During the Spring of the World, what need is there for Spring?

But still there are so many things…

Then Arda begins to age and scar. Everyone makes mistakes and becomes so much sadder and wiser—and so much more tired.

…that I have never seen

‘No, I don’t want to go back to Valinor, not yet’, says Galadriel. ‘Let’s cross those mountains. We haven’t seen what is on the other side.’

…in every wood…

Treebeard wakes up to hear hobbit voices. Those don’t sound like orcs! And he adds a new name to the long list of living creatures.

…in every spring…

The White Tree blooms. It is true, its lineage is magnificent and awe-inspiring, but is that really the most important thing about it?

…there is a different green.

That is why Sam plants and plants his garden unstintingly, each year, all over again.

For in time, Varda’s stars grow dim and Nienna’s tears run dry and even Nessa’s dance slows to a stately pavane.

‘But we haven’t tried this way yet’, says Vana, brightly. ‘Shall we? Because you never know…’

And Bilbo runs out of the door without a handkerchief.

Chapter End Notes:

Yes, the bits in italics are a couplet from one of Bilbo's songs.

Dwimordene has since written a ficlet about Vana herself: link to LiveJournal

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