The evening consultation by Rhapsody

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Story Notes:

Written for the Back to Middle-earth Month 2012: Bingo card prompt N43, four word drabble: smith, consonance, cradle, mantle and Maglor in History 1: Galileo and heliocentrism. 400 words drabble.


"Oh! I just wish I did not have to stand all night to make my studies, Marco. Surely,  we can do something about this? Were you not a smithy's son?" Pushing aside the curtains, Galileo Galilei emerged.

Maglor looked up from his friend's essay, ruminating about the mathematical question his friend had asked his opinion about. Their eyes met and Maglor wondered what his father would have thought of this famed scientist, with his endless observations and inquiries. "Galileo, I am not certain why you ask me this. Am I not to find the consonance in this mathematical puzzle of yours?"

"All those numbers and equations what not. Nothing more." The astronomer gestured a wave in the air as he responded faced him. "Your brilliant mind gives me deeper insights than my students, Marco. Yet, once you told me of your parents. Was your brother not also a mighty smith?" With a deep sigh, Maglor rose to stretch his hands above his head. "Of certainty, he could have crafted a cradle to hold your telescope and, perhaps, he could also have designed a more effective mantle." He finished his stretch and yawned, turned a weary gaze to his friend. "My renowned father would have immediately grasped this opportunity, as would my brother. Alas, both are no longer amongst us and smithing is not my calling." Maglor gazed thoughtfully at his friend, who gave him a small smile over his shoulder as he paused his study of the heavens. He nodded in response then added, "As you well know, my musical instruments do quite well, with the exception of a mathematical puzzle here and there. My advice to you... do call upon Luca. He is a fine smith."

"That he is. Slow at his craft, too. Surely, you will not?" Galileo tried one last time with a sigh, turned away from his friend and lifted his telescope to gaze upon the sky once more.

"Nay my friend, I will not." Maglor turned his gaze to the table and fingered one of the optics. "I do well to make my own instruments, yes, but not devices like these." The elf picked up one of his friend's instruments, described to him as a retractable telescope. "For this, you deserve the best. Bueno sera, my friend." And with that, Maglor placed the telescope back on the table and took his leave for the evening.


Chapter End Notes:

Maglor in history, my verse goes by the name of Marco Fea Nata. Just in case anyone was wondering.

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