The Gift that finally came by Rhapsody

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Solstice is here and Pippin is quite distraught to learn that his sisters will get more presents than he... What has gone wrong? A wee Yuletide mystery.

Story Notes:

This pinch-hit was written for Cathleen. Beta: Dreamflower

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1. The Gift that finally came by Rhapsody [Reviews - 1] (3194 words)

Cathleen's request: I'd like a story about a young Pippin on the farm at Whitwell. Pippin is given a new puppy and has a lot to learn about caring for a dog. A family Yule full of fluff and humor with a moral at the end, with all the immediate Took's in the story.

Story Information

Categories: The Lord of the Rings
Characters: Hobbit: Took: Eglantine (Banks), Hobbit: Took: Paladin II (Thain), Hobbit: Took: Pervinca, Hobbit: Took: Pippin (Thain)
Genres: Childhood, Family, Fluff, Mystery
Places: The Shire: Whitwell
Times: 3-Third Age: middle
Warnings: None
Challenges: None
Series: 63. 2012 Yule Fic Exchange
Chapters: 1    |    Word count: 3194    |    Read Count: 1062
Completed: Yes    |    Updated: 01/02/13    |    Published: 01/02/13