High on the Hill by Larner

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For Cathleen and FrodoSweetStuff for their birthdays.  A drabble and a half.

High on the Hill

            “My Sam says as him and Rosie’ll live there in Bag End, with you.”

            Frodo Baggins turned that too-wise gaze of his on the Gaffer.  “Yes,” he said.  “I have asked them to join me in Bag End.  But they will not be there only to ‘do’ for me.  They are to be there for their own sake, as my brother and his beloved wife.  We would not be free today were it not for Sam, you see.  And he will be important for the Shire.”

            “Him tells me as that new King of ourn lives at the top’ve his city.”

            “Yes.  And the one who will be Mayor of the Shire as often as he pleases shall live high on the Hill.”

            “So the folks c’n see him?”

            Frodo gave that odd smile of his, proud and sad and joyful all at the same time.  “Even so, my friend.”

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