Not All Who Wander Are Lost: The Grey Pilgrim by Dreamflower

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Story Notes:

A sonnet: 14 lines, 3 quatrains and a couplet, Shakespearian rhyme scheme (I'd originally hoped to do some other Fellowship sonnets, using the same quote, but only had time for one.)

He went forth clad in raiment worn and grey 
A messenger of hope to Elves and Men; 
His wisdom made them heed what he would say, 
His Pity made them think of him as friend. 

Pilgrim he was; no home to call his own, 
Yet those who loved him gave him hearth and rest. 
His duties called him evermore to roam, 
He was sometimes scorned, sometimes welcomed guest. 

He put his faith in folly, not despair, 
And he sacrificed himself, but not in vain. 
One sent him back his duties again to bear, 
To put an end to terror and its reign. 

Within his hand he kindled hearts grown cold, 
Gave hope to grief and made the timid bold.

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