Thirty Moments of the Ring by harrowcat

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Story Notes:

Written for the GFIC Group's Augsut 2008 POV challenge.
Elements: circle, 30 and purple.

Author's Chapter Notes:

Author's Notes: This is the very first piece of fanfiction that I have ever written so feedback is craved.

The Ring is not mine, precious and I make no money etc.
My grateful thanks to Bonnie for the encouragement to post this and the efficient beta-ing.

Thirty Moments of the Ring!

Sauron forged me.
Runes encircle me.
The Firstborn felt me…………

The Alliance defied me.
Sauron was maimed for me.
Elendil’s weregild was paid by me.
Isildur was betrayed by me…….

Déagol found me.
Sméagol killed for me.
Sméagol/Gollum retreated into the dark with me………
Gollum lost me.

Bilbo chanced upon me……
Bilbo relinquished me.
Gandalf seized and released me.
Frodo accepted me.

Mithrandir refused me…….

The Council saw me.
Boromir coveted me.

Galadriel rejected me.

The Steward’s Heir tried to take me.

Aragorn repudiated me.

Faramir renounced me.

Samwise bore me.

Frodo demanded me.

The Ring Bearer claimed me.

Gollum bit and danced for me.

Gollum fell
with me.

Gollum supported me.

Lava cradles me.

Red, purple & yellow fire melts me…………….

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