Broken: Merry's Lament by Conniemarie

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(Merry's Lament)

To battle grim and proud did ride
Devoted, desperate King.
His people’s blood in willing tithe
Was paid to conquer Ring.
While those I love rushed to their fate,
I could not useless bide.
I knelt before him, ardent vowed
To serve e’er at his side.

But Theoden was broken
‘Neath Snowmane, worthy steed,
Spared knowledge of fair maiden’s plight,
Her sacrificial deed.

For golden hair streamed in the wind,
Helm cast aside, fate sealed.
Her dulcet voice defiance jeered;
To Evil she’d not yield.
She faced that dreadful countenance
‘Neath black and roiling sky.
Where man would quail, she stood her ground
And cried “No man am I!”

Then broken, she fell broken,
Arm shattered by her foe.
His loathsome breath a poison fog
More deadly than the blow.

My innocence once shone so bright,
Reflected in your eyes.
It’s faded on this journey rife with pain.
Strength and truth I took in trade
Through capture, terror, loss…
But of strength naught will remain.

For you were to be a leader,
Laughing tweener, then a Thain.
Meant to grow in wisdom,
Not to die upon this plain.
You thought me lost, our cousin seized,
In deathless torment bound;
Despairing, flung into the fray
At battle cry’s first sound.

Now broken, you lie broken,
So quiet and so still.
A tag-a-long turned warrior
With courage, iron will.
No joy nor solace shall I find
Though new Age has begun;
Awake, my dear, I beg you;
Or my life is o’er and done.

Without you, I am broken…
Please! Come back, my dearest one.

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