The Hobbit: An Unexpected Halloween by mjg43

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Legolas tells Tauriel a Halloween story: Little Legolas and Estel both dressed up like ghosts and scaring Thranduil in the middle of the night! Just a simple one shot I wrote on Halloween.

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I'm not English...

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1. Chapter 1 by mjg43 [Reviews - 0] (1740 words)

Hi everyone, here's just a simple one shot of Legolas who tells Tauriel a Halloween story in the middle of the night. No, they're just friends, nothing more...

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Categories: Peter Jackson's The Hobbit, The Hobbit
Characters: Elf: Legolas Thranduilion
Genres: Humor
Places: Mirkwood/Eryn Lasgalen/Greenwood the Great
Times: 3-Third Age: middle
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