I Who Am Water by Himring

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Story Notes:

Written for the prompt: "Each year at summer’s end I go to find them for her, In a wide pool, deep and clear…" (Fellowship of the Ring, "In the House of Tom Bombadil").

A non-compilation contribution to Seasons of Middle-earth (B2MeM 2014).

Tree and Flower Awards, Minor Canon Character, Third Place

Third place shared with "An Unexpected Letter" by Linda Hoyland

Banner made by Winterwitch. Photo credit: Winterwitch.


No matter how many water lilies he brings, this circle of bowls that I can lightly leap across cannot be my wide pool, deep and clear, my ancient home in the river.
Goldberry’, he calls me, ‘Goldberry, merry yellow berry-o!
And I consent.  I consent to be Goldberry. I sleep in Tom’s arms at night. I welcome our visitors. I sing water, I who am water; I sing rain for hobbits at summer’s end.
If I withheld my consent, I could slip the noose and turn into a nameless brook hurrying down to the Withywindle. No house or door could hold me. Not even Tom could stop me.

Chapter End Notes:

Possibly influenced by a fic that I have read, but which I cannot clearly remember. If it reminds you of someone else's fic, please let me know whose it is...

I have read and love Clodia's stories featuring Goldberry.

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