Before the Great Music: An Account Before the Ainulindale by Atanatar Alcarin

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Melkor, the first and mightiest of the Ainur, becomes the first of his divine kindred to depart from the Light –– and to embrace the Darkness, thereby becoming its first and greatest manifestation.


Table of Contents

1. Chapter 1: The Lure of the Void by Atanatar Alcarin [Reviews - 1] (1266 words)

In this story, Melkor is depicted in his early beginnings, and his desires and motivations are explored. Space and time are immaterial here, for the story is set beyond the confines of Ea, long before the Count of Time began


2. Chapter 2: Down Into the Void by Atanatar Alcarin [Reviews - 0] (691 words)

Melkor treads the eternal nothingness of the Void, and discovers an irrefutable truth.

3. Chapter 3: Melkor's Bait by Atanatar Alcarin [Reviews - 0] (2174 words)

Melkor attempts to draw other lesser Ainur into his fold, most notably Ungwelian, she who among the Children of Iluvatar would later become known as Ungoliant, the Spider of Night.

4. Chapter 4: Varda's Choice by Atanatar Alcarin [Reviews - 0] (1761 words)

Melkor first encounters Varda, that great Ainu whom the Elves call Tintallë, the Star-kindler, and his desires and perceptions of her are revealed.

5. Chapter 5: Mairon's Liege by Atanatar Alcarin [Reviews - 0] (2847 words)

Melkor encounters the Maia named Mairon, one of the many spirits originally under Aule. Here, Mairon's desire for order and structure is revealed, and how, by this very same desire, he was drawn away from Aule –– and into the shadow of Melkor.

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