"Hobbit Sock Dolls" by Dreamflower

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Here are the lads in their home on top of my desk, left to right, Sam, Frodo, Merry and Pippin.


I used this pattern from TORN for the basic sock dolls, though I did quite a lot of tweaking in the method of sculpting the faces, and made several alterations to the clothing patterns, and the main alteration was in the use of the doll hair, which was attached with a quick-drying fabric glue.

All the fabric used was remnants and scraps from my stash. The socks were ladies white cotton socks which I gave a creamy tint with tea-dye. I also had on hand a stash of tiny doll buttons which were perfect for the eyes. To sculpt the heads, I started with a base of a firm ball of scrap yarn, overlaid with a thin layer of batting. Over that I added extra batting for cheeks and chin. I used beads as a base for the noses, a different size and shape for each hobbit. Once that was done, I pulled the toe end of an old nylon stocking over the head before putting it inside the sock, tying it off and adding the rest of the stuffing.

Below: Sam in his shirt and pants. Sam has brown button eyes, accented with a fine-tip marker; embroidered eyebrows and mouth; synthetic curly doll hair on head and feet; and pink blush on cheeks, brow and chin. I used a small round bead beneath the sock to sculpt his nose. I made Sam's hair very short and tidy, as is practical for a working hobbit.
His cream-colored shirt has a round neck and no collar, and a placket and buttons (though it actually fastens with snaps). The original shirt pattern was a pullover, but I was afraid it would mess up his head. I hemmed the cuffs on shirt and pants but for the rest used FrayCheckTM on the raw edges.

IMG_20140407_120627_146 (1)
Here he is in his little weskit. I used a light brown knit with a sort of "flannel-ly" texture. I just finished the edges with FrayCheckTM, and folded and pressed the front opening back to form the "lapels".
IMG_20140407_120717_382 (1)
His jacket is of the same fabric as the pants, which was a very lightweight brown wool with a mildly tweedish texture. I made the lapels the same way as those on his weskit.
hobbit dolls
Here's his Lothlorien cloak. It's made from lightweight grey knit, and I used a little leaf shaped rhinestone for the brooch. The cloak actually fastens with a snap. Sam's the only one with a finished cloak right now, though I have the others cut out and ready to sew.


Frodo: I used a teardrop shaped bead as the base for his aristocratic nose. His curls are longer and looser than Sam's, though still quite tidy.
His pants are not bright red! They are actually a sort of rusty burgundy color, but no matter how I fiddled with the picture, I couldn't come anywhere close to the real color. *sigh* His shirt has tiny "pearl" beads for buttons, and I made the collar the same way I made the lapels on Sam's jacket--by folding them down and pressing. The ring is a tiny brass jewelry finding, dangling from an old bracelet chain.
His weskit is made from a remnant of upholstery fabric. I used gold-colored beads for the "brass" buttons.
His jacket is another bit of upholstery fabric, with a collar of the same material. It's not that red, either, but a much more subdued burgundy than it appears. It has three tiny red buttons, if you can see them.



Merry: Merry's pants are really olive green. Another camera fail, I guess. His hair is the same honey color as Sam's but you can see, that like Frodo's, it is not as short as Sam's. His button eyes are more silver than grey, but it was as close to grey as I could get. I used a tiny oval bead for his nose, and his cheeks and the bridge of his nose are brushed with peach blush.
I used quilting cotton for Merry's weskit. The print looked a bit brocadish, I thought, and the difference in color between the right side and back made the lapels stand out.
The jacket is an olive green velour, and I used some dark green velveteen for the collar. I know; in the picture it looks brown.



Here is Pippin. Pip's hair is darker than Sam's and Merry's, but not as dark as Frodo's and it has a hint of reddishness to it. Pippin's curls are long and a little unruly and touseled. His button eyes are green, and I used a sort of pyramid-shaped bead as the base for his nose. Like Merry, I used peach blush on Pippin.
His shirt is white, not cream, and his pants are of bluish-grey velour.
His weskit is of a sort of silky shimmery plaid, from a set of fat quarters I bought a few years back. I put on two rows of deep green buttons to make it look double breasted.
Here's his scarf, knitted in grey, NOT tan, laceweight yarn in stockinette stitch on size 0 needles.
Finally, here he is in his jacket!
I had a lot of fun making these little guys! But I am glad to finally be finished with them!

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