The End Of The World As We Know It.... by curiouswombat

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Story Notes:

In January 2014 the guys from Jorvik declared 'the ragnar will be röking for Ragnarök this week. 

A friend suggested writing an Apocalyptic ficlet, drabble, poem, or something, any fandom...

Of course, to a Tolkien fan this was irresistable, especially when someone posted the prompt 'the song of the twilight of the gods'!

Manwë was a sight to behold in his very, very, shiny armour. He began to speak to the assembled Valar, Maiar and Elves.

"Yes - it really is the Dagor Dagorlath. Now a few things, before we go out to finally defeat Melkor.

Legolas - no fancy leaping around - the laws of gravity are still in force.

Feanor and sons - Eärendil is, indeed, wearing one of your damned silmarils bound to his forehead - just deal with it. One foot out of line in his direction and, final battle or not, you will find yourselves back in whatever remains of Mandos Halls.

And Aulë - I will personally make you suffer great pain, even though you are on our side, if I hear you or any of your maiar as much as think a single bar of 'Hey Ho! Hey Ho! It's off to work we go....'"

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