The Importance of Family by zopyrus

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At the Mereth Aderthad, Lalwen wants all her family members to behave. Fingon wants them to actually like each other. Either way, will the House of Finwë ever pull it together enough to impress Doriath?

Story Notes:

My two betas were Suzelle and Tehta. They made this story infinitely better than it would have been otherwise--thank you both!

Also, a huge thank you to Zeen for offering her work up to be remixed in the first place! Her original story is amazing, and you should read it if you have not already!

Tree and Flower Awards, New Author, Second Place

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1. The Importance of Family by zopyrus [Reviews - 1] (7197 words)

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Categories: The Silmarillion, History of Middle-earth, The Adventures of Tom Bombadil
Characters: ADMIN: New Character Needed, Elf: Aredhel, Elf: Círdan, Elf: Eldalotë, Elf: Fingolfin, Elf: Fingon, Elf: Idril, Elf: Irimë Lalwende, Elf: Maedhros, Original Female Character
Genres: Drama, Family, General, Remix, Romance-slash
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