From the Least Among Us by nancylea57

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Story Notes:

Theme: potporri
Elements: May, Coronation

When the proclamation was read he began to make his plans, he had just received new undergarments, several pairs of new socks, and the new uniform for his new position (with surcoat, two hats, cloak, and scarf). He had the fancy necklace with a small helmet and shield carved from an oliphaunt’s tusk that his father had won in Ithilien, if he removed his room key; he could wrap it in a letter and enclose it with that old book of Thorongil’s in Sindarin.

He knew that the cook’s were serving a creamy soup of mushrooms, that there were fresh strawberries as well as new jar of orange preserves with the cakes, and there had been a superb peppery herbed fish cooking for luncheon. He assumed that there would be a need for a bottle of white wine served with them, which would give him a reason to slip through the open door in the stone wall; the one that was behind the bed of flowers that danced.

He could hide the package in the drape of the towel over his arm and as he was leaving slip them directly to the Ring-bearers. An unmatchable Coronation gift from his heart.

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